We are now ready to sail to our next destination to Læsø, a danish island located at the end of Cattegate sea and just below the north sea.

Sailing from: : Gothenburg, SE
Sailing to: : Østerby, DK
N 57o19.230
S 11o07.412

Arriving: 15:45
Sailing duration: 6 hours
Win from: Nord West – 6-7 Kn :
Temperature: 19o Partially sunshine:

Harbour fee: 210 DKK
Arriving/departure date: August 28th to 30th

Læsø is mainly known for their production of salt which make the island pretty popular and Søren’s family also in vacation in north Jutland (Jylland) and they decided to join us for a day and at the same time taking the opportunity to visit the island since they never saw it !  Their arrival is expected for the following day of our arrival.

Our first evening was quiet but nice with a very good diner at the Lyngfeldts and we can only recommend it to anyone who will stop here.

Hotel/Restaurant (Østerby - Læsø)The day after, the Mikkelsen family arrived for breakfast around 9:30 (Marrit, Hans Evan, Brian, Tine, Malte, Emilie and Daisy) with all that crowd we can say that the boat cock-pit was full with 8 persons on board (I have to say that the boat capacity on the specifications is mentioning up to 8 persons), but no worries we were only docking in the harbour.

After breakfast we took all our gear and started to have a quick tour of Læsø. The first stop was in a dead-end and we look at the sea, second we stopped where an old church was erected in 1650’s and nothing was left other than some old stone defining the surface that the church was using, afterwards we stop to the Garden museum where the roof of the houses are made of seaweeds and can least hundreds of years. The visite continue with the fabric of salt where my expectations was higher than what I saw, but no matter the less it was still interesting ! 

The day ended with a very late lunch on board of Njord with all the Mikkelsen family before to have to catch up the ferry at 18:00 the same day. We say goodbye because it was their end of their vacation and we still have tree weeks to go ! Our last day in Læsø will be Saturday morning to get ready to our passage to Norway.


Whit Monday (Pinse) Week-end

Désolé, le texte suivra bientôt en français dès que j’aurai découvert comment supporter plus d’une langue.

À bientôt

Welcome everyone !

This is our first post and we hope you will enjoy it ! It might be simple at the beginning but with the time, I presume we should get better and better.  I’m planning to translate the site in multiple languages such as danish and french to assure everyone can follow us. The danish part will be done by Søren and I’ll be responsible for the french, the english should be made by both of us.

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