Whit Monday (Pinse) Week-end

Désolé, le texte suivra bientôt en français dès que j’aurai découvert comment supporter plus d’une langue.

À bientôt

Welcome everyone !

This is our first post and we hope you will enjoy it ! It might be simple at the beginning but with the time, I presume we should get better and better.  I’m planning to translate the site in multiple languages such as danish and french to assure everyone can follow us. The danish part will be done by Søren and I’ll be responsible for the french, the english should be made by both of us.

Let start …

Our first week-end of sailing of 2016 was for Pinse known as the Whit Monday or the Pentecost. The weather in Denmark has been fantastic for the last two weeks between 18 to 25 degree celcius which is absolutely abnormal for the time of year. Of course, the weather forecast was going to be awful for the week-end, but we decided even dow to move forward. The planning was to sail with our neighbour Elizabeth, Lili and Uffe but unfortunately, she add to cancel but Uff was part of it.

We left Nordhavn Friday May 13th around 17:00 in direction of Køge a small city south Copenhagen with a nice sunshine and back wind having the perfect condition for the Gennaker my new sail orange

Saling to Køge with a nice back wind and a good time for the Gennaker
Saling to Køge with a nice back wind and a good time for the Gennaker
Marc is very happy to sail with the new Gennaker.
Marc is very happy to sail with the new Gennaker.

We have been sailing until 00:30 with a pretty cold night but the evening was very nice. When we reach he harbour in Køge, we took a while before to find a place that was 4 meters wide, but when we found it, the mooring of Njord was pretty easy and we had a very good night after approximatively six to seven hours of sailing.

The following morning (Saturday) we had a good breakfast and we decided to sail to Rødvig (and not Rødvine), we didn’t know that we were aiming to a very nice little touristic town and all along, the Danish coast is fantastic with all that chalk that is presented to the see with all the multiple layers of colours.

Our Whit Monday (2. Pinse dag) is terminating cause of the bad weather. We are sailing back home.
Rødvig (DK) – May 15th, 2016

The sailing to Rødvig took around fours and unfortunately, we broke the Gennaker, a blast of win took the Gennaker to the wrong side, after only two times of sailing with it, we already have to get it repair. The good thing about it, we learn something new, do not use the Gennaker with the coming rain and with approximatively 10 meter/second side win.

Arriving at Rødvig, we had the surprise to have the event of the week, the grand opening of a restaurant and a place for some shows. As always the outdoor jazz show just ended when we was ready to look at it, and when we were ready for diner, the buffet was closed but that was not a problem, earlier we saw a Thaï restaurant where we can eat on site . 

Let's choose the fish we are going to have for diner
Let’s choose the fish we are going to have for diner
Let's taste the fish ... We are hungry
Let’s taste the fish … We are hungry

After having diner to a Thaï restaurant where I took some pictures of me having diner, and afterward we went to see some show to the new place, the Place !

A quick tour of Rødvid harbour with Uff in the back ground

The weather forecast was going to be very bad for Sunday evening and specially Monday so we decided to sail back home. 

Next adventure to come soon !