Hanse 385

Njord - April 2015
Njord – April 1st, 2015

After several months/years of looking, our choice stop on this model which seems to be perfect for us. Never the less, after one full season of sailing, we definitely would like to have a bigger one which could let us the the capability to have more options. But as we said, we can’t have everything.

The vessel is a german and the yacht yard is located in Greifswald in Germany. Njord has been on the production line at the end of 2014 and has been ready early 2015. The hand-over from the sales guy Morten from Dragør to us has been done few days before Easter.

For the curious and the ones who likes the technical specifications, the table below will gives you what you want, if not, you are welcome to ask !

Technical Specifications

Hull length
11.40 m
10.99 m
10.40 m
3.88 m
1.99 m
Engine 29.7 kW – 38 HP
Fresh water
Fuel tank
300 liters
160 liters
Mast length above WL
Total sail area
Main sail
Self-tacking jib
Genoa 105%
17.30 m
74 m²
44 m²
30 m²
30.5 m²
I 14.70 m
J 4.30 m
P 14.00 m
E 5.10 m
Interior Design
Judel / vroliijk & co liters
Water Vision

Njord, where that name come from ?

After several months of discussions and argumentations, we finally agreed with that name, our searches took so many directions, we even considered Carolina when we were a little bit drunk with Søren’s friend and his girl friend Carolina. As tradition a boat should technically should have a woman name, but in our case we have a man name, so Søren, Marc and Njord.

In the nordic methodology, Njord was something like a God of the sea and the wind. He was also bringing fortune and good fishing. He is married with Skadi, his children was conceive with his own sister.

If you want to read more about them, you are welcome to follow this link.  

Source: Wikipedia
Njörd’s desire of the Sea (1908) by W.G. Collingwood

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